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If you’ve ever been pedalling away on a busy city cycle path, rushing to work using all the power your legs could muster only to arrive tired and sweaty, the thought of getting an electric bike has probably crossed your mind.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, make pedalling easier using a battery-powered assist. It generally comes through pedalling — i.e. when you pedal, a small motor engages and takes over some of the work — or, in some cases, with a throttle.

When e-bikes are equipped with a throttle, it engages the motor at the press of a button, but this is a separate class of e-bike which is generally not suitable for road use.

Electric bikes can go pretty fast (in theory, more on that later), with the fastest commercially-available e-bike clocking speeds of over 70mph.

The world record speed for an electric bike is an incredible 283.182mph — but it won’t surprise you to learn that this wasn’t a pedal-powered bike.In this article, we’ll explore the world’s fastest e-bikes, the fastest commercially-available e-bikes (though they are very expensive), and discuss why you shouldn’t get too excited about hitting speeds of 60+mph with pedal power on public roads (spoiler alert: it’s illegal).

DISCLAIMER: E-Bike Speed Laws and Delimiters

An essential thing to note as we discuss the fastest e-bikes you can buy is that it is illegal in most countries to ride high-speed bikes on the road.

E-bikes intended for road use are fitted with speed limiters which stop the motor from working above the legal speed, leaving you reliant on pedal power.

In the UK, Europe and Australia, e-bikes are not allowed to go faster than 15.5mph on public roads.

In the US, e-bikes can go up to 28mph depending on the class of e-bike.

Now with that legal warning out of the way… here are the fastest electric bikes in the world.

Fastest Electric Bikes in the World

While you might be wondering whether getting an e-bike is even worth it with these speed limits, remember that they are placed for safety of riders, motorists and pedestrians. E-bikes are very quiet and can be hard to hear coming, and if you’re going fast on two wheels you’re more likely to badly injure yourself if you fall off. Plus, those speeds are generally plenty fast enough whether you’re using an e-bike to commute, for leisure, or as a general mode of transport.

It is possible to delimit, or derestrict, an e-bike. The bike’s pedal assistance limit is placed by the manufacturer, and the bike tracks its own speed so it knows to cut off the motor when it reaches a certain speed. Therefore, the bike can be tuned to allow the full electrical power to be released by essentially tricking the bike into thinking it’s going slower than it actually is.However, in delimiting an e-bike you stop it from being roadworthy, as only e-bikes which are limited to the local speed limit are legal to ride on public roads.

Fastest E-Bike(s) You CAN’T Buy

The world record for the fastest electric motorcycle is currently held by the Voxan Wattman, which when driven by former pro Grand Prix motorcycle racer Max Biaggi at the Kennedy Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, USA, on 1 December 2021, achieved 283.182mph (455.737 kph).

According to the bike’s GPS, thanks to the favourable wind, the bike hit a max speed of 292.204mph (470.257kph).

The Monaco-made Voxan Wattman has 150kw of power, or 203 horsepower, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 3.4 seconds. It was specially created to set new world speed records, so you can’t just go out and buy one.

Another super-fast e-bike that is solely made to break records is White Motorcycle Concepts’ WMC250EV.

It’s not intended to be a road-going machine, and was created to target the world land speed record for electric motorcycles, and also to show that its unusual technologies are improvements over conventional ones.

Its name comes from its intention to hit 250mph, but its final top speed may be higher than that. When it was initially tested, just to make sure that its systems and technical elements were working as they should, it got up to 170mph without really trying.

Fastest E-Bikes You CAN Buy

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