RS Recommends: The Best Bike Accessories to Upgrade Your Ride

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As many cyclists will attest, the best bike accessories are almost as important as the bike itself. Sure, you can get from A to B without any extra gear, but safety, comfort and convenience rest primarily on accessories. If you’re carrying anything (groceries, a laptop or extra layers), you’ll want a great backpack or a basket. If you’re riding in the dark, you’ll need a light. If you’re planning to park your bike for a long time, you’ll need a reliable lock. And the list goes on.

It can seem like a daunting task to research all this gear and get set up with the right accessories. To help out, we’ve rounded up some of the best bike accessories that everyone could use, including the best helmet, lock, bike multi-tool and more. We’ve stuck primarily to bike gear for commuters, although there are some pieces we would recommend for road and mountain bikers too.

What Are the Best Bike Accessories?

From smart bike helmets to convenient baskets, these are the top bike accessories you need for your next ride.

1. Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

A good helmet should be every cyclist’s first concern. This one from Lumos upgrades the typical helmet with a smart LED light system. The helmet features two light strips on the back that function as brake lamps and turn signals (really), as well as a bright headlamp on the front. The turn signals can be activated using a handlebar remote or by using hand signals while wearing an Apple Watch, significantly improving safety on the street — especially at night. All lights can be customized and adjusted through the Lumos app. But Lumos hasn’t forgotten safety: The helmet’s impact-resistant EPS foam liner and polycarbonate shell ensure protection in case of an accident.

Buy Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet $119.95

2. Knog Oi Bike Bell

bike bell amazon

Whether they’re on the phone, jogging or just not paying attention, pedestrians are often unaware of cyclists. This sleek bell from Knog Oi ensures that they hear you coming. It’s designed to be heard — even over loud traffic — thanks to a high-pitched ring and a deep harmonic tone. We’re also big fans of the design, which boasts aircraft-grade aluminum, a corrosion-resistant spring and a low-profile look. The bell comes in two sizes to fit almost all handlebars.

Buy Knog Oi Bike Bell $18.34

3. Schwinn Wire Basket

bike basket schwinn

If you’re doing any shopping on your bike — or just don’t want to be weighed down by a backpack — this Schwinn wire basket is a great purchase. Made of durable, weather-resistant metal, the lightweight basket features handles and a quick-release function for carrying everything off-bike, say, in the grocery store or into the house. At 14 x 10.6 x 10.5 inches in size, the basket is streamlined but will fit a decent amount of stuff.

Buy Schwinn Wire Basket $28.47

4. Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

bike phone holder

Having quick access to your phone while cycling is a game-changer. This compact Quad Lock system places your phone securely on the handlebars for looking at directions, changing music or taking calls. Instead of a simple claw-like design to grip your phone, the Quad Lock uses a dedicated case and locking handlebar mount for added security and quick attaching/detaching action. Check out the handlebar piece below, and click here for the iPhone case or here for the Samsung Galaxy case.

Buy Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount $39.95

5. Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Holder

bike water bottle holder

For any longer-distance rides, you’ll need a good water bottle holder. We like this one from Pro Bike Tool because it’s streamlined and features flexible arms to accommodate most water bottles. These flexible arms also provide quick access to your water while riding. The holder is easy to mount on almost any bike thanks to oval multi-position screw holes.

Buy Pro Bike Tool Bike Water Bottle Holder $13.59

6. Kryptonite New York Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

best bike lock kryptonite

When it comes to protecting your bike from thieves, Kryptonite is the best of the best. This New York lock is one of the brand’s best-sellers, boasting a tough-as-nails 16-millimeter hardened steel shackle and an anti-rotation crossbar. It’ll keep your bike secure no matter where it’s locked. When you’re ready to get back on the road, the lock uses a stainless steel key (you get three of these with the lock).

Buy Kryptonite New York Heavy Duty Bicycle… $129.95

7. Patagonia Black Hole Backpack

waterproof backpack patagonia

If you’re in need of a reliable commuter bag to take on rides, we recommend this Patagonia Black Hole backpack. Coming from one of the brand’s most celebrated lines, the 25-liter backpack delivers just enough room for all essentials in a stylish look. The fabric is a durable, water-resistant polyester ripstop, and ample padding on the back and arms provide comfort on long rides. Inside you’ll find a large main compartment, a padded laptop sleeve and a zippered top pocket for small items.

Buy Patagonia Black Hole Backpack $189.00

8. Blackburn Dayblazer Front Light

bike light handlebar

This versatile Dayblazer bike light from Blackburn attaches to either your handlebars or helmet for clarity on the road. It’s obviously great for cycling at night, but a “Blitz” mode makes it good for daytime use around cars and pedestrians as well. Build quality is solid with an IP67 water-resistant synthetic construction and a weight of just 59 grams.

Buy Blackburn Dayblazer Front Light $94.95

9. Topeak Alien II Multitool

bike multi tool topeak

Even the best bikes need some maintenance, making a multitool like this Topeak Alien essential for any cycling kit. The gadget features 31 chrome vanadium steel tools, including eight Allen wrenches, tire levers, traditional wrenches and a knife. All these tools are housed in a compact engineering-grade polymer body for a total weight of 290 grams. Even if you’re not yet confident with your bike maintenance skills, the Topeak tool is worth having in your bag when heading out.

Buy Topeak Alien II Multitool $33.95