The Best Bike Lights To Help You See And Be Seen On The Road

If you think about it, bike lights are kind of like the Batman of the cycling world: They may not have a distorted past like the Dark Knight, but they do have the power to save lives. Whether you’re navigating busy streets or relishing in a leisurely ride through the countryside, having the proper illumination on your bike can spell the difference between amusement and accident. And so, it’s time to suit up with your own set of the best bike lights and become the hero of your own cycling story.

See and be seen with the best bike lights.

Illustration: Forbes/Photo: Retailer

Bike lights, like a helmet, are essential. Great bike lights promote visibility at all hours of the day, in all types of weather. While we often assume bike lights are designed solely to help us at night, studies also show that the use of bike lights during the day results in a significant reduction in injury rates. And if you live in an urban environment, where nearly three quarters of all bicyclist deaths occur, then it stands to reason that a simple light can significantly amplify your presence on the road.

Whether you want a fancy front light on your handlebars, an affordable yet effective rear light on your seat post or a versatile light that can be clipped on and off, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best bike lights to keep you safe (and seen!) on the streets. And if you’re in the market for other biking essentials, we’ve also pored over the best e-bikes, best bike storage solutions and even the best gear for biking to work.

  • Best Front Bike Light: Cygolite Dash Pro 600
  • Best Rear Bike Light: CatEye ViZ300 Rear Light
  • Best High-End Bike Light Set: Bontrager Ion Pro RT/Flare RT Light Set
  • Best Budget Bike Light Set: Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City Bike Light Set
  • Best Wheel-Mounted Bike Light: Nite Ize SpokeLit Rechargeable Wheel Light
  • Best Basket-Mounted Bike Light: Electra LED Basket Front Bike Light

How We Chose The Best Bike Lights

In order to find the best bike lights on the market, we spoke with fellow cyclists, scoured online reviews and tested most of the recommended models ourselves. We understand that there is no single best bike light across the board, or even a single light that defines a category. The bike light that’s right for you will be determined by your needs and the type of bike(s) you ride.

We made sure to review and test out features like ease of use, durability and maximum run time to ensure our recommendations serve you well. We also tested the top picks across several bikes to make sure you can use them on different styles of bicycles. As with all of our reviews, we included a variety of products at different price points, so you can splurge on high-end bike lights with loads of features, or save some money with a budget-friendly option if that’s all you need.