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The best bike trailers for kids make it possible to bring your children along with you on all your bike adventures. If you love being on a bike, it’s only natural to want to share that love with your little ones. It’s a fact we talked about in our deep dive into the best kids’ bike helmets but there’s overlap here as well. What’s new is that while getting a kid on one of the best kids’ bikes is an excellent thing to do, it’s a very different experience for the parent.

For most of your child’s life, when they ride their own bike, it will mean a short trip and worrying about them falling over, but to start with it almost invariable involves either towing the little ones in a trailer, or having them ride in a bike seat.

A bike trailer for kids opens up riding for you without the need to resort to childcare, capacity for multiple kids and luggage too, plus some resistance training for added benefit. If you want to take the little ones out and about on two wheels then read on to see what we think are the best bike trailers for kids.

Best bike trailer for kids

While most kids bike trailers have a somewhat limited use period, the Thule Courier could really be yours for a lifetime. While most bike trailers will require your child to be at least a year old, Thule offers an infant sling. When they are really tiny, start there. As they grow you can move to the baby supporter which adds neck support for kids older than infants but still too small to sit upright comfortably. After that, you’ve got the expected time period where kids are old enough to sit upright and support their own heads.

During this time, converting to a stroller is as easy as flipping the front wheels down. Even once your child ages out of it there’s still plenty of use options though. The conversion to carrying cargo is as easy as the stroller conversion, and an extra purchase adds pet carrying capabilities too. It’s an expensive purchase but it can last a long time and find a lot of use.

If you are looking for a lightweight trailer to pull and move around then the Burley D’Lite X bike trailer is the best option for you. Part of what makes it lighter is that it’s short, which also makes it more manoeuvrable too. There is a single or a double size option and when it’s time to convert between a bike trailer and a stroller it’s just a matter of folding down the front wheel as with the Thule option above.

If you wanted to bike somewhere then lock the bike up and push kids around in the trailer you’d have everything you need to do that. The one downside to the design is that there is a lot of opaque areas that creep into the viewing area for the passenger(s).

(Image credit: Josh Ross)

Just about every list out there that covers bike trailers for kids has one big omission, there’s no option for kids that are just a little bit bigger and more capable. We’ve covered some of the best options for kids when they are really young but it doesn’t take many years before that age is gone forever. If you’ve got a kid that’s big enough to sit upright and hold a bike position then you can get them learning to ride with a bike trailer for kids that’s modelled after a regular bike.

You can start them pretty young and the act of pedalling will help them learn to transition to their own bike. There’s even gearing on the Piccollo but if they are too young, they don’t need to use it. The same is true of the actual pedalling. If they want to, great, and if not, that works just as well. The handlebars are adjustable in height as another way to accommodate a wide age range and the rear rack attachment does limit the adult bike selection but it’s a much more stable way to connect a single wheel bike trailer to an adult bike.

(Image credit: Josh Ross)

If you like the idea of a bike trailer for kids that lets them pedal but you want more of a traditional trailer, this is your best bet. My son started with the Burley Bee right around his first birthday but by two he was spending a lot of time in the Weehoo bike trailer. Since they are sitting down, they can fall asleep just like any other bike trailer. However, when they aren’t sleeping, they can pedal. It’s really a win-win situation and kids love it. The other helpful thing about the Weehoo are the options available; you can add a rain cover, and if you’ve got two kids then there’s a two-seat model also.

The only downside is that the more weight you carry, the more it influences the feel of the adult bike. Meaning as they get bigger the shifting of their weight will move your bike around a bit. For this article my son and I actually spent time with the Weehoo again and at 10 years old and just below the weight limit he still loved it but my bike was a handful. It’s a lot easier when they are little though.

(Image credit: Burley)

If you are thinking about a bike trailer for kids there is nothing more iconic than the Burley Bee. It’s a product that’s been around since the late 90s and it’s not even all that unusual to see those early generations still in use. I used the Burley Bee for years when my son was little. It carried him through warm weather and through rain and when it was time to pass it to a friend it barely looked used even years later. The connection to the adult bike is simple to operate and works with a thru-axle with an optional adapter.

There isn’t any suspension in this model but compared to most budget options the wheels on the Burley are a big upgrade. Given that this is the least expensive Burley option, it’s not luxurious inside but it’s sufficiently comfortable and there’s room for a kids helmet so they can sit upright. What’s really nice about the Burley Bee is that it’s small and simple with a low weight. The lack of features is actually a positive if that’s all you want.

How to choose the best kids bike trailer for you