BICYCLE BLUE BOOK: How Much Is My Used Bike Worth?

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The day has come when you have finally chosen to sell the prized machine you have suffered on with immeasurable pleasure and emotion through countless physical hours of wondrous, seemingly endless miles. We all become attached to our bikes and we can become emotional regarding the closeness we may feel about our bikes but that emotion we hold for our bike has no effect on the actual, sellable value. So, what is the blue book value of your used bicycle?

The online market is a superb place to learn and become versed in knowing what the bicycle blue book value of your used bike is. Online Marketplaces such as Ebay, Pinkbike, and Facebook Marketplace are great platforms to use to estimate the current market value of your used bike by comparing your bike to others. Remember, the actual value is what your bike will sell for or what someone will pay for your used bike.

The bicycle industry and its unique markets have evolved over recent years and they will continue to change with time. Keeping up with those changes can be either enlightening, overwhelming, or both! Understanding how this fluctuating market changes, and what affects the values of used bikes, factor their actual value. At some point you will inevitably ask yourself, “How much is my used bike worth? What is my bike’s blue book value?” Let’s cover the many variables and determining factors that affect and make up the value of your used bike and how Cycle Limited can help you understand and answer these questions.

Factors that affect the value of your used bicycle


Condition plays a vital role when it comes to finding how much your bike is worth. Scratches on the frame, stanchions, etc., all affect your used bike’s actual value. Damaged carbon frames that have been repaired, dented, scratched, or repainted no longer hold their original value. This applies to all damaged or repaired frames. They may still be valuable but certainly not like an original, undamaged frame would hold. Scratched fork stanchions or rear shock shafts affect the value of your used bike as well.

Model year:

As any cyclist would expect, the older a bike is, the less desirable it is due to worn components, outdated frame geometry, older suspension technology, etc.

Manufacturer brands:

Some brands are more sought after than others. Brands such as Specialized, Giant, Trek, Yeti, and Santa Cruz hold much higher value than smaller, niche brands which decrease in value much more quickly.

Drivetrains and components:

Drivetrains are constantly changing in the industry. Once coveted 10-speed drivetrains hold much less value compared to today’s 11, 12, or new 13 speed drivetrains. Rim brake equipped bikes hold less value than modern hydraulic disc brake bikes.

Frame technology:

Outdated, older, frame geometries and their technology, such as 26” wheels, are no longer desirable. While a custom geometry on a custom built bike is cool, and originally expensive, there is a limited buyer’s market for that bike which will decrease the value.

Maintenance and upgrades:

Is your bike’s drivetrain fresh and has it been regularly maintained? The replacement of cables, housing, chain and cassette, bar tape or grips, and new tires can increase how much your used bike is worth. These are all inexpensive upgrades that help sell your bike quickly and will increase the bicycle blue book value of your used bike.

Ready to sell your bike?

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When you sell your used bike to Cycle Limited, we simplify the process for used bike owners. We offer convenience and satisfaction by eliminating the hassle of you having to create a used bike advertisement which you hope will sell your bike. Cycle Limited is the world’s fastest growing online bicycle retailer specializing in buying and selling premium used bikes. You may be someone who’s cared greatly for your bike and want the most value out of your used bike. If so, head on over to our sell/trade form.RIDE MORE – STRESS LESS!