Best Bike Phone Mounts: Top 7 Phone Holders in 2023

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We live in an age where over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Having a handy-sized, sophisticated computer allows us to do virtually anything on the move.

On our bikes, smartphones enable us to navigate, check our speed, listen to music, make notes, light the way and so much more. We can even make a call!

There are clear advantages to having your phone at your fingertips while riding. You can, of course, get brilliant cycling computers for all your needs, but a smartphone will do the same job without you having to invest in a separate piece of equipment.

But if you are using a smartphone while cycling, for safety reasons it needs to be accessible. And with this in mind, a good bike phone mount could be your best option.

It’s also important to use headphones that enable you to still hear your surroundings while cycling.

Best Bike Phone Mount

Where to Put Your Phone While Cycling

There are many ways you can carry a phone while cycling. You can put a phone in a pocket, a backpack, pannier, or strap it around your waist or arm. But in terms of ease of access and visibility, if you’re using the phone while moving, a phone mount is by far the most practical.

Where you put your phone will depend on how often you want to use it and whether you’re stationary or moving when you do use it.

Many cycling garments have easily-accessible pockets where you can store your phone. Armbands or waistbands with phone holders can also be used. However, accessing your phone this way does mean taking your vision away from the road.

A bike phone mount offers clear visibility that aligns with your cycling field of vision. Your phone stays put and can be used safely while on the move. It’s a practical solution for those who want to use the phone frequently, without interrupting the ride.

Best Bike Phone Mounts: Top 7 Phone Holders in 2023

Types of Bike Phone Mounts

Primarily, there are three different types of bike phone mounts: Bike phone mount brackets, bike phone mounts with a case and bike phone frame bags. Each have advantages and disadvantages and whichever you choose will depend on your requirements.

Bike phone mount brackets attach to your bike and secure your phone with grips. These do not need a specific case for the phone. The advantage is that they are often universal and can accommodate many different types and sizes of phone.

Bike phone mounts + cases hold the smartphone in a case that is specific to the make and size of the phone. The case is attached to a mount, usually on the bike handlebars or stem. These are more protective and can also be weather-resistant, and many manufacturers offer a range of cases to fit different phone models.

Bike phone frame bags are small bags that attach to the top tube with a transparent cover which the phone sits beneath. They offer the advantage of extra storage space for small items and are often weather resistant, but they can take up a quite a lot of space at the front of the bike.

Handlebar Phone Mount vs Bike Frame Phone Mount

A handlebar phone mount offers a central position that is good for visibility and ease of use. This is ideal if you’re using your phone frequently. With a frame mount you have to reach further and look downwards when using the phone. This is better if you’re stopping to use the phone.

Bicycle Phone Cases vs Bike Phone Mounts

Bike phone cases often offer better protection and security, ideal for tough off-road riding, cobbles, or any uneven terrain. But the case is specific to the phone so must be replaced if you get a different model. Bike phone mounts offer more versatility, usually accommodating a variety of phones.

Bicycle Phone Holders (Top 7)

Best Bike Phone Mounts: Top 7 Phone Holders in 2023

Best Bike Phone Mount for Filming

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