Trails – City of Lincoln, NE

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This project will install trail along the south side of Fletcher Ave. from 14th to 27th Streets, providing an important connection from the 14th Street Trail to North Star High School. This project is being funded by Federal Transportation Alternatives program dollars with matching funds coming from Impact Fees collected from the district and other developer contributions. Construction could begin as early as fall 2023 and be completed by spring 2024.

Cover letter(PDF, 162KB)

Informational handout(PDF, 252KB)


Identified as Fletcher Landmark Trail, Lincoln, this proposed project consists of creating a new trail segment to connect to an existing trail network in the City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. A new 10-foot wide by 5-inch thick concrete trail, approximately 6,257 feet long, would begin on the southeast corner of the intersection of North 14th Street and Fletcher Avenue and run along the south side of Fletcher Avenue terminating at the southwest corner of Fletcher Avenue and North 27th Street. The trail would provide a connection with the existing 14th Street Trail at the southwest corner of North 14th Street and Fletcher Avenue. The bike trail would cross four named streets: Rockford Drive, Tombstone Ridge Drive, Marmot Point Drive, and Telluride Drive. The bike trail would also cross one private commercial access drive approximately 600 feet west of the Fletcher Avenue and North 27th Street intersection.


The purpose of this project is to construct a new off-street multi-use pedestrian/bike trail to extend the existing trail network and improve pedestrian safety. The project is needed as existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure along Fletcher Avenue between North 14th Street and 27th Street is incomplete.


The planned project would consist of constructing a new 10-foot wide by 5-inch thick concrete trail, reconstructing existing storm sewer pipes and inlets as needed, and relocating several street light poles. Existing utilities would be reconstructed or relocated as needed. The project would also include curb ramps that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards at the intersection of roadways. The trail would connect back to existing sidewalks adjacent to the project as well.


The proposed projects would require the acquisition of additional property rights, which could include new right-of-way (ROW), control of access (CA), permanent easements (PE), and/or temporary easements (TE). If your property is impacted by this project, you will be contacted by a representative once the design footprint has been established. Access to adjacent properties would be maintained during construction but may be limited at times due to phasing requirements.


The project would have minor impact to nearby wetlands. Impacts to wetlands would be permitted through the appropriate state and federal agency, and would be mitigated as necessary. No impacts are anticipated to the existing North 14th Street Trail, protected species, or cultural resources.


Construction could begin as early as fall 2023 with completion anticipated by spring 2024.

DETOUR: A vehicular detour would not be required for this project, but the eastbound right turn lane of Fletcher Avenue approaching North 27th Street would be closed during construction of the trail adjacent to the turn lane. A pedestrian detour would be required during construction. The detour would reroute pedestrians at the southwest corner of the North 27th Street and Fletcher Avenue intersection to the existing sidewalk on the north side of Fletcher Avenue, west to the intersection of Telluride Drive and Fletcher Avenue, and then south across Fletcher Avenue.


The estimated cost of the proposed project is $1 million. Funding would be derived from federal and local funding sources.