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You won’t want to miss this Party!

2016 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the DAYTONA Motorcycle Rally. Along with the Sturgis Rally in August, the early spring party in Daytona has a rich history with its roots in motorcycle racing and offers a great riding opportunity for anyone on two wheels. Like Sturgis, the town becomes the center of the motorcycling universe for the weeklong event; attracting riders from all over the world. This year’s rally is expecting up to 750,000 riders over a 10-day period – all coming to experience what has become known as an overload of culture, passion, chrome and heavy metal. Ten days when the motorcycling action never stops!


The annual Rally is always the first week in March; the timing is significant especially for those riders up North, when it is still WINTER. The mix of attractions, riders and venues is part of what makes Daytona Bike Week so special. Just as the NASCAR crews are loading up from racing the DAYTONA 500 the bikes begin to roll in to town, keeping the adrenaline levels high at the racetrack and downtown Main Street.

The event’s rich history has its roots closely tied to motorcycle racing. In the early beginnings, the inaugural 1937 event had racers compete along a 3.2 mile course laid out with sections of both pavement and along the sandy beach. Ed Kretz, a scrappy rider from California, was the winner of the first Daytona 200. His victory came during the hey-day of the Harley-Indian racing rivalry. Ed piloted a rigid framed Indian Sport Scout motorcycle to top honors averaging over 73 miles per hour! Racing along the beach continued until 1961 when legendary NASCAR co-founder Bill France moved the event to the famous DAYTONA SPEEDWAY.

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Bike Week attracts enthusiasts from all over the world as riders follow the warm weather and rev-up at the chance to get an early start (for most) on the riding season. The building anticipation of sunshine and shore line is an excitement boost like none other. Where else but Daytona can you actually ride on the beach? Living in Chicago, planning a DAYTONA trip quickly becomes a welcomed diversion from an otherwise often dreary time of year. Getting the bike prepared early from winter storage, upgrading with the latest accessories, checking tires, brakes and oil all in anticipation of warm weather riding is the light at the end of a long winter tunnel.

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What I always find special about Daytona is the mix of riders, onlookers and cool motorcycles. Early spring in central Florida proves to be a melting pot of; NASCAR, BIKE WEEK & a Spring Break haven for many colleges. The rich platform of multidiscipline racing attracts a young thrill seeking crowd. Large groups of road race style rocket bikes cruise the strip circling the International Speedway in anticipation of the weekend’s biggest event; the Daytona 200. Like many rallies, the V-twin riders dominate the strip along A1A and spend considerable time leisurely along Main Street. From early morning to late hours of the night the familiar V-twin rumble can heard as groups head out across the COSWAY bridges to cruise the beautiful surrounding coastal routes.

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Entertainment during Bike Week isn’t limited what you will find on Main Street. Daytona is also famous for its cole slaw wrestling. Not to be confused with any type of sport, but always a huge crowd pleaser (imagine that!). The party keeps going as several large destination type Harley-Davidson dealers entertain 24/7 hosting vendors, product displays and high energy musical entertainment. These venues attract 1,000 of riders daily offering nonstop entertainment and dealer services.

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The Daytona area is FLAT with an abundance of palm trees and palmetto bushes – they are everywhere! With no mountain ranges in sight, instead Florida offers riders sandy shoreline and almost 8,000 lakes (bigger than 10 acres). And with water covering 8% of its land area, twisting shore lined roads at almost every corner offer up some of the best scenic views anywhere. Cruising up A1A along the coast is almost hypnotic. The white sandy beaches, small restaurants and pubs and a Caribbean like, laid back atmosphere will put you at ease and open your eyes to a relaxed pace that brings out the best motorcycling. Daytona is positioned perfectly for day trips & longer breakout rides to destinations like Miami, the Everglades and also south to the Keys. Almost the perfect ride, a trip to the Keys invites riders along the palm tree lined coast, riding A1A through Cape Canaveral, & Vero Beach and finally across the amazingly long bridges that connect the Keys. The ride continues to the southernmost tip of the continental USA and the home to a vibrant entertainment district, lined with famous bars and secluded hide-a-ways; welcome to KEY WEST, NO WORRIES HERE!

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Another popular route takes riders north along A1A thru ocean front towns of Ormand Beach and Flagler ( and into St. Augustine. As a destination, St. Augustine is only 51 miles north of Daytona Beach. It is a ride that offers the sights and smells of the Atlantic Ocean and a distinct historical character that dates back to the early 1500’s. Once in St. Augustine don’t miss the local flare of the World Famous Oasis. A biker friendly spot, the Oasis offers live music and a great sampling of the local catch of day. Check out the fun here :

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Living in Chicago, the Bike Week experience has always represented all that is good with motorcycling; a full slate of top-level motorcycle racing, a main street packed with wild, custom bikes ridden by every rider demographic and a different riding landscape than we are accustomed to up north.

The Daytona Rally represents the kick off of the riding season for many and also is the bench mark for getting our Harley-Davidson Authorized RENTAL season going in Chicago. We are keeping an eye on the weather and plan to be riding no later than April 1st at all of our 5 Chicago area a locations; St. Charles, Countryside, Ottawa, Villa Park, and Palatine. Check us out at and reserve your bike now.

Last Minute Opportunity!

Our Rentals & Tours branch has 2 hotel rooms available for the Daytona Rally. Close to all the action & Main Street – located on the beach, these rooms are available at a reduced price March 8-13th.

Contact Tim for complete details at or (630) 834-6571