Blue Booty Blitz Fat Bike Disco Race – Anchorage – Trek Bicycle Store

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The Trek Bicycle Store of Anchorage is excited to announce that the Blue Booty Blitz is now part of the Trek Winter Fat Bike Series, a fundraiser for two awesome non-profits: Chugach Mountain Bike Riders and the Eagle River Nature Center.

Battle for series points and glory by signing up for the longer races, or keep it mellow by signing up for the shorter races. Mix and match, but just come and ride while supporting two great community-minded organizations. Fabulous prizes await everyone who participates in all three races. Special awards for series points winners.


  • Ride the fabulous trails at Mirror Lake in Chugiak
  • Bib pickup at 6pm, race start at 7pm, course closes at 9pm. Bring lights!
  • Two distances: 12-miles (series points race) or 6-miles
  • Kids race (about 2-miles) too!
  • Hosted by Chugach Mountain Bike Riders
  • For more information, visit

Icy River Rampage Fat Bike Race

  • Ride trails not normally open to fat bikes at the Eagle River Nature Center in Eagle River.
  • Bib pickup at 10am, race start at 11am
  • Two distances: 20-miles (series points race) or 10-miles
  • Hosted by the Eagle River Nature Center
  • For more information, visit

Blue Booty Blitz Fat Bike Race

  • Ride the multi-use trails around Alaska Pacific University (APU).
  • Bib pickup at 6pm, race start at 7pm, course closes at 9pm. Bring lights!
  • Two distances: 12-miles (series points race) or 6-miles
  • Kids race (about 2-miles) too!
  • Hosted by the Trek Bicycle Store of Anchorage
  • For more information, visit the Blue Booty events page.

We will have disco balls, and we’re not joking.

You may have picked up on the vibe that the Blue Booty is meant as a fun, sort of silly, event. Sure, it’s a race, but this is about having fun on some great trails in Anchorage, as well an enjoying the disco ball aesthetic. What does that even mean? We have no idea. Clearly, you should come out to see for yourself.

Special thanks to Alaska Pacific University, Recreation Programs for trusting us to actually put on this event. To the fine people who work at the APU Moseley Sports Center, we can only say, we will try not to disappoint you or get you fired.

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Time: Races start at 7:00pm

We have three events to choose from:

  1. Little Nipper Ripper (Kids Race) – A fun little untimed scramble around the start and finish area for your fat bike tyke. Sorry, you must be 12 years old or under to ride this ride! $5 bucks.
  2. Shirley Short Course – Just for fun. The event is timed and the course will be about six-miles in length, a perfect distance to burn off a few pork rinds.
  3. Larry Long Course – This is a points race. Are you chasing series points for guts and glory? This race is for you. The course will be around 12-miles long.

All of this could be yours for the low, low price of only $45 bucks. Now, that’s value, folks.

Perhaps you noticed this event takes place at night. We couldn’t do this event during the day because the disco ball wouldn’t work very well, and besides, we have our priorities. The disco ball must shine. Since it will be dark, bring bike lights so you can see in the woods.

Sign up!