What’s The Best Touring Bike? (Updated 2023 Edition)

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Last updated on March 3, 2023. Touring bike choice is a very popular topic, so I update this post regularly to keep the details current. That said, if you do find any out-of-date information, consider leaving a comment for the benefit of other readers, or dropping me a line to let me know. Thanks!

Choosing a new touring bike can be stressful for the newcomer – especially considering the likely price tag. So it’s no surprise that the most frequent question I get asked on this blog is some version of this:

“Help! What’s the best touring bike for my upcoming bicycle tour?”

It’s a perfectly natural and understandable question to ask – and a completely meaningless question without context.

That’s because your choice of touring bike should be informed by the specifics of the bicycle tour you’re planning and your needs and preferences as a touring cyclist.

The best touring bike for a young newcomer planning a short, low-budget tour close to home would be totally different to the best touring bike for an experienced rider planning a once-in-a-lifetime, round-the-world, multi-year adventure.

Similarly, and as I’m sure you can imagine, the best touring bike for a 5 foot (152cm) tall mature rider with reduced neck mobility and no knowledge of bicycle maintenance would not be the same as the best touring bike for a semi-professional athlete trying to win the Transcontinental!

The truth is that there’s a huge diversity of needs in people who are searching for the ‘best touring bike’.

I’ve written extensively in other posts about detailed aspects of touring bike choice, from the three critical questions you should ask at the start of the touring bike buying process, to deep-dive topics such as what exactly defines a touring bike, to in-depth tutorials like how to custom-build your own expedition bike, to super-nerdy technical discussions like the debate over disc brakes versus rim brakes, among plenty more on my absolutely massive advice and planning page.

That said, there are plenty of versatile and capable touring bikes on the market today, which have been designed to serve the needs of as broad a range of touring cyclists as possible, and which are readily available in bicycle stores around the world.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most time-proven of these ‘mainstream’ touring bikes.

Perhaps you’ll find your perfect touring bike here. Perhaps you’ll realise you’re looking for something else altogether. Or perhaps you’ll find something more interesting to read in this list.

Shall we begin?

The list of touring bikes below is arranged in ascending price order. I’ve mentioned the worldwide availability of each bike, roughly speaking, and the manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP, aka: RRP or list price) in £/€/$ as applicable.

This is not an exhaustive list of every single touring bike on the market.

For one thing, such a list would be hundreds of entries long. For another, this isn’t a product comparison site. I’m a veteran bicycle traveller with years of real-world experience, and my goal with this blog is to tell you what you need to know, not to churn out search-engine-optimised fluff in order to generate more ad revenue.

(If you really want that list, there are other bloggers out there who will charge you money for downloadable lists of touring bikes that’ll take you days to wade through and leave you even more confused than when you started.)

My intention here is to give you a taste of the diversity of commercial touring bikes available today, considering the three big pre-purchase questions I’ve covered elsewhere.

(Note that several entry-level touring bikes have been discontinued in recent years, including the Adventure Flat White, Ridgeback Tour, Dawes Galaxy AL, and the Revolution Country Traveller, to name just a few. You may find leftover stock of these bike still being sold today at a bargain price, and you can be sure they’ll do just as well as any of the other bikes in this list.)

Shall we begin?

Bonus: The Secret To Actually Choosing The Right Touring Bike

Finally, I’m going to tell you a secret.

It’s something other bloggers won’t tell you, because they’d prefer you to click on their affilliate links, buy bikes online, and earn them commission.

If you’re having trouble choosing between the touring bikes listed above, the reason is probably because – on paper – they are basically all the same.

They’re all priced within a few hundred pounds/dollars of each other. Most of them have steel frames, wide gearing, non-aggressive riding positions, pannier racks or at least rack mounts, and hybrid drivetrains cut from the middle of Shimano’s mountain-bike and road-bike ranges. They’re all built primarily for paved roads, but could handle a dirt track or gravel road if need be.

So how should you choose between them?

The answer is actually very simple.

Forget buying a touring bike online. (Yes, I’ve said this a few times already!)

Instead, go visit a local touring bike specialist and take a few models for a test ride.

In doing so, you will discover that the “best touring bike” is the one that’s available nearby and has been set up for you by a touring bike specialist who’s taken the time to understand your needs.

Because of all the things you’re going to spend your money on while getting ready to go cycle touring, the bike itself is the purchase you really don’t want to get wrong.