Best Clothing-Optional Bike Rides Around the World (2023 Updated)

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Video Chicago naked bike ride

You have made a decision to visit public areas without wearing any clothing, but doing that on a bike instead of just walking around seems more interesting to you.

It turns out you are not the only one who thinks this way.

These rides may be found all over the world, and they are very entertaining.

So, where can you find the best nudist bike rides?

Honestly, that is a great question.

However, we are here to help you.

Naked bike ride
Naked bike ride

Some are for environmental or social causes, while others are simply to get naked with like-minded folks and ride a bike around the block.

Whatever the cause, they are a great way to celebrate the human body and break up the routine.

A naked ride will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you, whether you paint your body or decide to show it all.

Here is our list of the top clothing-optional bike rides around the world.

World Naked Bike Ride, Chicago

The World Naked Bike Ride is an international event that takes place in 74 cities.

From New Zealand to The Netherlands, people take off their clothes and ride through streets seemingly unconcerned about anything but the excessive use of oil, which was the ride’s original goal.

Because the event has risen in popularity and not everyone wants to protest, many riders are not overly focused on the cause.

Chicago is the top place in the United States to participate in the World Naked Bike Ride event.

Hundreds of naked cyclists fill the streets of downtown Chicago to cruise, celebrate cycling and show off their bodies’ vulnerability.

A girl on a bike
A girl on a bike

World Naked Bike Ride, London

When the World Naked Bike Ride comes to London, it draws a large crowd.

You will pass Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park as you cruise around London.

Tower Hill, Regents Park, Kings Cross, West Norwood, Hyde Park, Clapham Junction and Kew Bridge are the seven starting points for the ride.

Girl cycling
Girl cycling

World Naked Bike Ride, Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is perfect for a naked ride.

The city’s vibe certainly inspires you to take risks and try new things, plus the city’s scenery makes for a fantastic ride.

What else could you possibly want?


University of Vermont Naked Bike Ride, Burlington

This naked bike ride tradition wins a spot on our list, even though it is primarily for the students of the university.

At the end of the semester, students shed their winter clothes and ride bikes through cold Vermont at night, cheered on by hundreds of spectators.

It is a real show-stopper.

Bikers in a meadow
Bikers in a meadow

World Naked Bike Ride, Los Angeles

While Vermont may be far too cold for naked biking, Los Angeles is just about ideal.

With a police escort, you will pass through Echo Park on your route to downtown.

The temperature during the event is almost always in the upper 70s.

You will probably be joined by a large number of naked skaters and rollerbladers.

A girl in a bikini
A girl in a bikini

World Naked Bike Ride, Philadelphia

A naked bike ride on a warm September evening is the perfect way to bid farewell to summer.

Aside from cycling around and enjoying the city’s many historical attractions, the City of Brotherly Love’s World Naked Bike Ride undoubtedly has some of the best body paintings of all of the World Naked Bike Rides.

Colorful faces
Colorful faces

World Naked Bike Ride, Portland

Portland offers one of the most exciting naked rides in the United States.

The ride, which is usually held at the start of summer, is a great way to kick off the new season.

Be prepared to deal with crowds because often more than 10,000 people participate.

Cycling through a city
Cycling through a city

These naked rides are open to everyone, whether you are against oil addiction and automobile culture or simply want to get naked and ride.

Nobody will hold it against you if you wish to cover your body in body paint.

Just leave your pants at home, grab a bike and cycle.