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Dirt Bike Seat Covers – The Perfect Complement to your Graphics Kit

If you’re looking to complete your look you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the best MX Seat cover selection available. As an essential component of your dirt bike, the seat contributes significantly to rider control and comfort.

Do you want your beloved bike to exude an air of freshness even after a long period? When investing in an MX bike from brands like Husqvarna, KTM, Suzuki, or Yamaha, every rider has the desire to maintain their factory bike components. However, frequent wear will eventually alter their appearance, most notably the dirt bike seat.

Backyard Design has you covered. Our own line of MX gripper seat covers is the ideal way to protect your bike seat. A seat cover is not only valuable for overhauling the appearance of your bike. They also offer several long-term benefits. You’re in the right spot if you seek a quality visual impat!

5 Reasons to Add a Backyard Design MX Seat Cover to Your Kit

Riding without a gel pad or bike seat cushion for a prolonged time can be very uncomfortable. In addition to these, installing an MX seat cover can make a noteworthy difference in matters of comfort and grip. But, that’s not all; there are tons of advantages to having a bike seat cover that complements your riding style.

Motorsports outdoors often feature obstacles like potholes, rugged terrain, tree branches, and debris. The ergonomics of your dirt bike can be compromised by the original bike seat cover. They often provide less than sufficient grip and shock and impact absorption.

Consequently, this results in aches and pains. But when reinforced by our gripper seat cover materials, the special surface on top of the cushion padded seat offers a perfect feel. Backyard Designs take on a seat cover for dirt bikes also minimizes chafing and grazing while leaning over during sharp turns.

Factory-installed seats are crafted from fabrics not particularly resistant to abrasions or wear and tear. The rubber and vinyl composition used for our dirt bike seat cover is waterproof and UV-resistant, prolonging the life of your dirt bike seat. These materials were created with durability in mind.

If you were wondering how to fit an MX seat cover onto your bike, all you have to do is staple them on. Our expertly-crafted MX gripper seat cover conforms to your wide bike seat cushion like a second skin. This is a result of our strategic collaboration with factory racing teams and pros for research and development.

Backyard Designs Ribbed Seat Architecture

The special ribbed, anti slip covers featured on our website are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match your bike graphic kit precisely. While maximizing grip, with a Backyard Design seat cover, dirt bike riders benefit from increased traction for a smoother performance. Whether you sport an MX, street, or Supermoto bike, our seat cover range has you covered.

Tailor-made to fit the brand you select from above, our bike seat cover models stray from a cookie-cutter approach. Every rider has a diverse vision regarding their aesthetic, including seat cover, bike graphics, and other accessories. To help cater to all your unique requirements, our broad selection of covers is compatible with numerous bikes.

Sewn with premium threads and finished with our logo patch, you can customize your entire look instantly with a vivid MX gripper seat cover. To preserve the vibrant colors of your bike seat cover, soapy water is sufficient to clean up any stains or scuffs, so you don’t have to spend endless hours scrubbing.

Although the best MX seat cover options on the market are intended to survive for years to come, this does not mean you can’t switch things up. The fact is, our dirt bike seat cover can be installed and removed without much effort whenever you see fit. This helps us keep costs at a minimum while giving riders customization choices, unlike elsewhere.

What’s Stopping you From Modifying Your Look?

Any serious rider is well aware of how the seat affects control over your bike. The resilience and versatility offered by our MX seat cover are just what you need. Developed through years of experience on the track, you can count on us for unrivaled grip and comfort even when riding under rough conditions.