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Suitable for soft surfaces, such as mud or sand, and intermediate soils like grass or dry land, Pirelli SCORPION™ MX32 Mid Soft tires stand out for their excellent traction and reliability, even in high-speed races. The V-shaped lug arrangement provides excellent braking stability and perfect cornering holds. These tires are also available in Mini Cross sizes and the special MUD version.

SCORPION™ MX Soft tires provide exceptional performance on particularly soft terrain. The rear was developed with the MXGP champions and explicitly designed for mud, sand, and clay racing. The new rubber resists shocks and tears and guarantees a long service life.

Pirelli SCORPION™ MX32 Mid Hard tires are fitted with a tread pattern that ensures optimum performance on medium-hard surfaces, with excellent traction even with the increased hardness of ground. Their specific rubber is designed to offer maximum grip when controlling skids. Their high elasticity also distinguishes these tires.

SCORPION™ MX Extra X are Pirelli’s flagship motocross tires, specifically designed for professional and amateur training, up to semi-pro racing. The multilayer carcass guarantees high puncture resistance and excellent flexibility to absorb shocks in the event of jumps or obstacles.

Suitable for soft and medium terrain, Pirelli SCORPION™ XC Mid Soft tires are specifically designed for enduros in a cross-country configuration. They are ideal for courses with jumps, in mud, and through vegetation. The small rigid studs at the front optimize grip and driving precision. The rear is fitted with V-studs for better stability during acceleration and braking. The rubber is the same as was used in the MX World Championship.

The Pirelli SCORPION™ XC Mid Hard is designed for enduro motorcycles in cross configuration for professional use. Specifically designed for intermediate and hard terrain, such as pebbles and rocks, and races in the desert, they are ideal for generally inaccessible tracks. Their specific rubber guarantees regular off-road performance. Thanks to their reinforced carcass, these tires also ensure excellent stability when braking and maximum driving precision.

MT 43™ Pro Trial tires are designed for trial motorcycles that are also approved for road use. They offer traction on hard, dry and wet terrain, as well as excellent rebound and damping properties for indoor competitions. They are highly resistant and durable.

Specifically developed for desert races and rallies, Pirelli SCORPION™ Rally tires feature a highly wear-resistant compound that offers excellent performance even after intensive use. The blocks on the front tire are designed to improve directional stability at high speeds, while those on the rear tire ensure high levels of traction even on more challenging terrain. They are also highly resistant to punctures.

For world-traveling motorcyclists and rally specialists looking for maximum flexibility of use, the Pirelli catalog has the MT 21™ Rallycross tires, which are ideal for long-distance touring on the paved roads and desert dunes. They have an enhanced tread pattern for dirt tracks and gravel, cross-country racing and the desert.

Pirelli SCORPION™ MT 90 A/T tires are flexible for use on both loose ground and asphalt, where they provide high levels of grip and safety.