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Best overall

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

Price: $$$

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is perfect for those who want to bring the experience of a boutique fitness studio into their living room.

This high-end bike is equipped with 24 digital resistance levels, dual water bottle holders, a pair of 3-pound (lb) (1.4-kg) dumbbells, and a rotating 22-inch (in) (56-cm) smart HD touch screen.

It’s also one of the few smart bikes to offer motorized incline and decline controls.

Like other NordicTrack machines, the bike includes iFit integration for streaming live and on-demand classes.

The app also offers automatic incline and resistance adjustments, as well as global workouts, which allow you to virtually travel to destinations around the world.

NordicTrack includes a 30-day family iFit membership with every purchase, which grants you access to hundreds of classes, including cycling, yoga, boot camp, and strength training.

After a month, you can choose to continue your subscription, which costs $39 per month for a family plan or $180 per year for an individual account, or cancel at any time.

You can learn more about the bike’s features and how it compares to other smart bike options in our in-depth review of the NordicTrack S22i.

Best overall runner-up

Echelon Smart Connect EX5

Price: $$

Echelon is one of Peloton’s biggest competitors — and for good reason.

The Echelon Smart Connect EX5 is a great option if you want the performance of a Peloton but don’t want to pay for some of Peloton’s high-tech features.

While the EX5 retails for $999, it’s frequently on sale for less than $800 and prices are prone to fluctuate, and an Echelon membership is a little cheaper than a Peloton All-Access membership.

Instead of an integrated touch screen, the EX5 has a rotating mount for your smart device, allowing you to stream classes using the Echelon Fit app.

In addition to offering unlimited live and on-demand cycling classes, the app keeps track of your performance during your ride.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need an app membership. There are currently three membership options:

  • $34.99 for a monthly subscription
  • $399 for a yearly subscription
  • $699 for a 2-year subscription

The bike has 32 resistance levels. It also features adjustable handlebars and a narrow competition seat, which is designed to allow for a wider range of motion.

To find out more about the Echelon Smart Connect EX5, check out our comprehensive review.

Best for serious studio riders

Stryde Bike

Price: $$$

Like Peloton, Stryde is a studio-first company. Stryde teamed up with some of the best indoor cycling studios across the country to provide home cyclers with studio-style classes.

The Stryde bike is a high quality, sturdy indoor cycling bike with a 22-in (56 cm) HD screen. It integrates with the Stryde app, where users can access hundreds of on-demand studio cycling classes from various high quality studios and instructors.

Keep in mind that you’ll need an app membership to access the Stryde workouts. It’s not required to use the bike, but it’s the ticket to getting the most out of your bike. The app costs $29 per month and includes up to four profiles to track workout history and other performance metrics.

To find out more about the Stryde Bike, check out our comprehensive review.

Best for beginners

Schwinn IC4 Bike

Price: $$

If you’re just getting into indoor cycling and are unsure where to start, check out the Schwinn IC4 Bike, which boasts 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels.

In addition to being easy to use, the bike is priced under $1,000, so it’s a great option if you’re not ready to invest in a higher end model.

The IC4 features a 40-lb (18-kg) flywheel and dual-sided pedals, which allow you to use SPD clips or your standard athletic shoes.

It also boasts a ventilated race-style seat, padded handlebars, and an LCD console that displays metrics such as speed, number of calories burned, time, and distance. Plus, it comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor armband.

While it doesn’t offer a built-in screen like the Peloton Bike, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and provides a media rack so you can use your device to access fitness apps — including the Peloton app.

Purchase of the bike includes a free 1-year subscription to the JRNY app, which offers on-demand studio classes and virtual rides to destinations around the world.

Once your trial is up, the JRNY app costs $149 per year, or about $12.42 per month.

You can learn more about how the Schwinn IC4 compares to competitors in our full review.

Best leaning

Bowflex VeloCore

Price: $$$

While it’s similar in price to the Peloton Bike+, the Bowflex VeloCore features a unique design that you won’t find in other smart bikes: It leans from side to side.

In addition to providing a more realistic biking experience, the bike’s swinging motion offers a serious core workout.

The bike also has 100 levels of magnetic resistance to ensure a smooth, quiet, and adjustable ride.

As a bonus, the bike includes a Bluetooth heart rate armband and pair of 3-lb (1.4-kg) dumbbells. Your purchase also includes a 1-year JRNY membership, which you can continue for $149 per year after your trial ends.

The VeloCore features dual-sided pedals and an adjustable seat. Just keep in mind that the seat doesn’t have much padding. You can buy a more comfortable seat cover if you prefer.

It’s also important to note that the HD touch screen is available in two sizes: 16 or 22 in (40.6 or 56 cm). The 22-in (56-cm) model costs about $400 more, but it comes with free shipping.

You can read more about the Bowflex VeloCore and other Bowflex bikes in our in-depth review.

Best for streaming

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

Price: $$$

If you want a bike with a large touch screen for streaming workouts, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 is a great option.

The 22-in (56-cm) HD touch screen can rotate, so you can see your workout easily whether you’re on the bike or doing a strength workout on the floor.

The bike features 24 levels of resistance, which iFit instructors can adjust automatically during classes.

Purchase of the bike includes a 30-day iFit membership, which costs $39 per month after the trial ends.

The bike also features a water bottle holder, a pair of 3-lb (1.4-kg) dumbbells, and an adjustable seat and handlebars.

However, because the max user weight is lower than that of many other options on the market, this bike isn’t a good fit for all users.


Price: $$$

MYX bikes have become popular among fitness enthusiasts because of their massive streaming library of cycling and full-body workouts.

The MYX II bike arrives fully assembled and has a swiveling touch screen that makes it easy to take your workout from the bike to the mat.

The bike works with a required BODi subscription, which costs $39 per month and offers both on- and off-bike workouts for up to five users. The MYX II comes with a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, and many classes use heart rate zone-based training.

The BODi subscription also offers options such as scenic rides and news services, so you can still enjoy streaming even if you’re not following a workout class while you ride.

If you’re interested in full-body workouts, it’s worth upgrading to the MYX II Plus, which includes additional workout equipment such as kettlebells and an exercise mat.

You can read more about the features of the MYX II in our comprehensive review.

Best under $500

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1995 Fitness Pro II

Price: $

This simple, no-frills stationary bike is a great option for those on a tight budget who want to get an effective workout at home.

It has a resistance knob to modify the intensity of your workout, as well as a four-way adjustable seat to maximize comfort.

The bike also features a pulse sensor to track your heart rate and a digital monitor that displays the metrics of your ride.

While it doesn’t include programmed workouts or a touch screen, the Fitness Pro II has an integrated device holder for streaming classes on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also access workouts through the SunnyFit app, which offers roughly 500 free classes for subscribers. These don’t integrate with your bike the way smart bike classes do, but it’s nice to have the option for free, high quality classes.

Cyclace Exercise Bike

Price: $

This stable, sturdy exercise bike is equipped with a fully adjustable seat, nonslip handlebars, and a belt-driven system, which makes for a quieter and smoother ride than bikes featuring chain drives.

The Cyclace Exercise Bike also includes a multifunctional monitor, tablet holder, and bottle holder.

Plus, its weight capacity is 330 lb (150 kg), which is higher than that of many similarly priced competitors.

It’s also a budget-friendly option, currently retailing for less than $400.

Best for full-body workouts

BODi Bike Studio

Price: $$$

Do you like biking but also want to do cross-training exercises? The BODi Bike Studio (formally MYX II Plus) provides everything you need.

In addition to the MYX II bike, this package includes 5 sets of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a 24-in (61-cm) EVA foam roller, a resistance band, a heart rate monitor, an exercise mat, and a bike mat.

Because the touch screen can swivel, it’s possible to do exercises both on the bike and while standing on the exercise mat nearby.

Another thing about the BODi Bike Studio’s MYX II bike is that it uses friction resistance, which is slightly louder and requires more maintenance than magnetic resistance.

Wondering how to choose between the MYX II and the BODi Bike Studio (formally MYX II Plus)? See whether Healthline writer SaVanna Shoemaker felt the BODi Bike Studio was worth the higher price tag in her hands-on review.

Best for workout data

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

Price: $$$

Does your workout data matter to you? If so, you’ll want to make sure that the numbers are accurate and that the information is stored so you can access it later. The Keiser M3i stands out in both areas.

The M3i passed the EN957-10 European Standard for accuracy and safety because its power meter is so accurate.

Keiser’s M Connect display can be used with a wide range of popular apps (including Peloton’s) as well as free Keiser apps. It tracks your speed, power, calories, heart rate, and ride time.

The M3i can also transmit to multiple Bluetooth devices at once. This means you can transmit your workout data to your cell phone or tablet at the same time the information is going to any other Bluetooth device you want.

The bike comes with the M Connect display, a tool kit for assembly, and a floor mat. There are also additional, optional accessories, like a Polar heart rate monitor.

Keep in mind, this technology comes with a higher cost and the M3i does not include a touch screen.