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There are so many high-quality brands that buying mountain bikes online may seem challenging. To avoid decision paralysis, we’ve outlined tips on selecting the perfect bike for your next mountain adventure.

Not all mountain bikes are the same. Functionality and terrain compatibility differences exist on top of the bikes’ color, design, material, and build varieties.

You should determine the type of women’s or men’s mountain bike you need before considering other details like geometry, frame, wheels, tires, and sizes. There are four MTB types: cross-country, trail, enduro, and downhill. Each type has its own set of specifications, functions, and design elements.

These are the mountain bicycle types available online:


The XC or cross-country bike is a fast bike generally constructed from a carbon fiber frame with 27.5″ to 29″ wheel sizes that can race tracks or fly up hill. It can come in hardtail or full suspension with 100 to 120mm suspension travel, usually focused on reducing weight and improving pedaling efficiency. The XC is one of the many mountain bikes to buy online, especially when looking for one that can easily handle uphils. It’s not ideal for beginners or casual bikers.


The trail is one of the most capable and standard mountain bikes for sale with different variants, from hardtails, 140 or 150mm suspensions, or short travel. The trail geometry combines enduro and XC bikes with heavier tires and a comfortable climbing position. The trail mountain bike/ is excellent for those starting and looking for what bicycle would suit them best. It can take on technical and aggressive descents, but it’s not ideal for racers or those looking for more speed.

Enduro and Super Enduro

The Enduro and Super Enduro bikes are long-distance travel bicycles that can glide downhill at the fastest possible speeds. It’s one of the more famous mountain bikes for sale because of its racing capabilities and robust parts to endure extended racing periods. It’s not suitable for those not up for challenging trails or racing enduro.

Dirt Jump (DJ), Urban, Street or Pump Track

One of the most stylish MTB bikes is the pump track or dirt jump, specifically designed to hit jumps and show skills like flips and turns. Dirt jumping is a separate mountain biking sub-genre with a culture similar to skateboarding. The DJ is also known as a street or urban MTB.

These are available in hardtail sporting a 26″ wheel is a fan favorite among the mountain bikes for sale. It’s slightly bigger than a bicycle motocross (BMX) with one gear, a back brake, a front shock, a low seat post, and relatively heavy droopy geometry. This bike is purely for fun, doing tricks with friends, dirt jumping, and not for trailing because of its heavyset build and single gear setting. High end dirt jump bikes will come with full suspension and numerous gears.

E-Mountain or Electric

An electric mountain bicycle or e-mountain is one of the most well-known men or women’s mountain bikes for sale because it is comfortable, allowing you to take pedaling breaks occasionally. The electric bike is incredible if you tire easily, but you may have to check the legality of operating an e-bike in your city before buying one. These bikes are also perfect for the mountin biker who loves the downhills more than pedalling to the top. With high tech motors and a lower center of gravity, you’re guaranteed to have more fun on the trail.

Bikes Online’s intuitive bike finder feature can help you find the best mountain bikes according to your preferences, like trail surface types and difficulty, rider level, biking purpose, bar type, travel duration, and price. The brand upholds its promise of creating a better and more accessible riding experience for everyone.