And Just Like That, Peloton Fires Back Following Public Relations

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Chris Noth appears in fast ad for Peloton in response to PR fallout following “And Just Like That” … [+] episode


It’s said that whoever controls the narrative has the power. And if Peloton learned anything after its major holiday ad debacle in 2019, it’s that you can’t simply step back and hope that the world will pick up and move on. The controversial ad, “the Gift that Gives Back,” featured an attractive family during the holidays with the husband surprising his wife with a Peloton exercise bike. The backlash was swift and brutal, causing the company’s stock to lose $1.5 billion in value at one point.

Two years later, Peloton can’t catch a break as history seems to be repeating itself. This time however, the market’s sweeping reaction to Peloton’s stock was not caused by the company directly, but instead by HBO Max’s new Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…

In an early episode of the reboot that aired on December 10, 2021, Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth, took to his Peloton bike to virtually ride in a class hosted by his favorite instructor, Allegra, played by real-life Peloton star, Jess King. During his vigorous ride however, the unthinkable happens asBig experiences a tragic heart attack and passes away shortly thereafter.

Not only were Sex and the City fans shocked, Peloton investors were also jolted. The stock plunged to 19-month lows in the 48 hours following the show. This prompted the need for a company spokesperson to respond, “HBO procured the Peloton Bike on their own. Peloton was aware that a bike would be used in the episode and that Jess King would be portraying a fictional Peloton instructor.”

Said another way, the company was blindsided by the plot twist, and wasn’t prepared for the sudden public relations (PR) crisis

Peloton Throws a Hail Mary to Stop the Stock Slide and Control the Narrative

Ironically, Peloton is no stranger to the benefits of controlling the narrative. Immediately following the company’s holiday advertising gaffe in 2019, Ryan Reynolds, yes, that Ryan Reynolds, cleverly responded with an advertisement for Aviation Gin featuring, Monica Ruiz, aka the “Peloton wife.”

Titled, “The Gift that Doesn’t Give Back,” it playfully served as an unofficial sequel to Peloton’s advertisement, earning accolades for Aviation Gin, while positively changing the narrative for Peloton along the way. And just like that, the new era of “Fast Advertising” was born.

Fast advertising is the marketing equivalent of the fast fashion trends that we see from the likes of Zara and other retailers. A form of responsive and real-time marketing, fast advertising plugs-into the storyline of a popular ad or cultural event to help slingshot a brand into the spotlight.

So, who better to help Peloton respond to the untimely passing of Mr. Big than Ryan Reynolds?

Immediately following the AJLT episode, Peloton global marketing chief, Dara Treseder, reached out to Reynolds and his marketing and production company, Maximum Effort. The result was the latest chapter in fast advertising and a Hail Mary for Peloton, “Unspoiler Alert.”

Within 48 hours the Maximum Effort team led by Reynolds developed, produced, and distributed the advertisement to accolades from industry peers, consumers, and the market alike.

In it, Peloton instructor Jess King and Noth are cozied up in front of a romantic fire surrounded by festive holiday decorations. Noth leans toward King and with debonair flair, he looks at her and says,“to new beginnings.” She responds with the same and compliments him by saying that he looks great. To which he replies, “I feel great.” He then nods to the nearby Peloton bikes with a smirk and suggests they take another ride.

“And just like that,” says the voiceover performed by Ryan, “the world is reminded that regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs, and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, resting pulse, and reduces blood-fat levels.” The voice added one final zing before closing, “he’s alive!”

Fast Advertising is a Fun Chapter in the Evolution of Digital Marketing

Assuming you’re in on the joke, the line in Peloton’s ad uttered by Noth, “to new beginnings,” is a throwback to Aviation Gin’s reply to Peloton’s holiday ad in 2019. Ruiz and her two friends toasted in celebration at the end of the commercial, “to new beginnings.” It’s timely, fun, and connected More so, it’s culturally relevant and mentally sticky.

At the pace of today’s world, fast advertising offers brands a unique opportunity to become part of larger, community-driven conversations. To rise above the fray just requires a unique approach and skilled resources similar to those employed by Reynold’s Maximum Effort.

The Fast Advertising Alliance (FAA) formed in 2020 to help brands and marketers collaborate and help one another learn, experiment, and share best practices.

In response to Peloton’s new fast ad, I reached out to FAA Founding Board Member Mathew Sweezey for his thoughts.

“The pace of modern media rewards speed, and context over production quality and planning, he said. “Brands like Peloton understand this and are able to break through in new ways as their latest ad proves. Their ability to sense and respond to a cultural moment in hours allows them to do more than put messages into the market, they can weave their brand into the cultural fabric of our time. Fast is a new lever brand marketers must learn to deploy if they want to #winthemoment.”

The future of fast advertising is bright, entertaining, and with the right creative minds, pioneering.

To borrow from Noth in this latest chapter of fast advertising, here’s to new beginnings… 🥂