Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike

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radexpand 5 electric bike

Rad Power Bikes didn’t become the largest electric bicycle company in North America by resting on its laurels. The Seattle-based company has been hard at work on a new model to be added to the lineup. The RadExpand 5 electric bike has just been unveiled, and it comes with an attractive price of just US $1,299.

That price makes it the second most affordable model in Rad’s lineup’s, right after the $1,199 RadMission. But unlike the RadMission, the RadExpand 5 comes with Rad’s highest power motor at 750W and highest capacity battery at 624Wh, plus a seven-speed transmission.

That means the RadExpand 5 will offer similar performance levels to the rest of Rad’s Class 2 e-bike lineup. A top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) will be possible with both the bike’s half-twist hand throttle and its cadence sensor-based pedal assist.

The range rating is estimated at 25-45 miles (40-72 km) depending on the type of riding, speed and terrain.

If the RadExpand 5 looks a bit like the RadMini, that’s no mistake. It draws upon much of that bike’s DNA and will actually be replacing the RadMini and RadMini Step-Through models in Rad’s lineup.

With fat tires and a folding frame, the RadExpand 5 incorporates much of what consumers loved about the original RadMini. To help shave off some of that bike’s price and poundage, the RadExpand 5 also removes a few parts.

While you still get a -speed transmission and it doesn’t go full single-speed like the RadRunner, you do get a solid fork and simplified LED display like you’ll find on the RadRunner.

The fat tires should likely help make up for the lack of suspension, as that increased air volume provides a cushier ride than typical narrower bicycle tires.

Removing the suspension fork was also part of helping to shave off around 4.5 lb (2 kg) of weight compared to the RadMini. The RadExpand 5 tips the scales at 62.5 lb (28.3 kg).

Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike
radexpand 5
radexpand 5
radexpand 5

Other unique upgrades include fatter 4″ tires than the RadMini’s 3″ tires and a new handlebar adjustment method, allowing riders to adjust the handlebars forwards and backwards rather than just up or down. That adjustment will likely be more useful in real world applications as it helps adjust for longer or shorter arm lengths.

The updated LED headlight and tail light are both photosensitive, so they’ll automatically turn on at night when you need them.

There’s a new headtube angle that should provide more relaxed handling, and the bike also includes a rear rack and fenders in the $1,299 price (or CAD $1,499 for our neighbors to the north).

Rad has typically not provided included fenders or racks on its lower-priced bikes like the RadMission. The base-level RadRunner also comes without fenders, though it does include a rack since it is part of the bike’s frame.

The inclusion of fenders and the rear rack on the RadExpand 5 provides added functionality and saves riders over $100 in would-be accessory charges to add those features.

We’ve of course already got a RadExpand 5 on order for review so we can let you know how the new e-bike rides. But until then, we’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the new e-bike in the comment section below!

Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike
Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike
Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike
Rad Power Bikes launches new low-cost RadExpand 5 electric bike
radexpand 5 electric bike