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Ever since I was honored as AMA Motorcyclist of the Year in 2011, I have looked forward to that January edition of American Motorcyclist Magazine. That’s the month in which the publication would share with the motorcycling community who has had the most profound impact on motorcycling that previous year. It also made me curious of when the AMA started the designation – I thought it had gone back to the formation of the AMA or at least to its first publication. However, the researching that I was able to do it seems as though the AMA’s inaugural Motorcyclist of the Year wasn’t until 2008.

In 2008 the AMA’s Motorcyclist of the Year was Mr. Stan Simpson


At the time Stan was the AMA’s Board of Directors Chairman. He also had riding and racing history – he was an off-road racer and had competed in a few ISDE events. In reading about Stan, it seems he was a visionary and an advocate for motorcyclists and really wanted the AMA to get on track for success by growing the AMA – basically into what it is now.

I encourage you to read the AMA Magazine from January 2009 – this is where you can find the story on Simpson and read what Rob Dingman wrote regarding starting the Motorcyclist of the Year.

In 2009 we as motorcyclists were staring down some pretty tough regulations targeting the youth in the sport. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) had basically enforced a ban on the selling of any ohv motorcycle/atv or snowmachine that was produced for kids under the age of

2009 Motorcyclist of the Year “KIDS”


Since the youth in our sport are essentially the future of the sport the effects of this ban would forever change the sport as we know it. You can learn more about this law from 2009 HERE.

In 2009 the AMA Motorcyclists of the Year was “KIDS”

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures | Encouraging All Levels of Female
The 2010 Motorcyclist of the Year is Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 2010 the controversial Motorcyclist of the Year, signed a piece of legislation that would have harmful effects on the motorcyclist community.

You can learn more about that story HERE.

The 2011 Motorcyclists of the Year Nancy Sabater Schlag

In 2011 we as a community were taking action – we were engaging not only motorcyclists but more over we were telling anyone that would listen to us about the CPSC Lead Law and how this would change the sport we love. We were engaging those in our hometowns to help us in this fight to keep kids on age-appropriate machines and put front and center common-sense solutions. There were many – many in our motorcycle community that were taking grassroots action.

You can learn more about this HERE.

In 2012 the AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Jon-Erik Burleson

In 2012 it was leadership and innovation found within KTM. You can learn more HERE.

In 2013 it was all about the show – learn more HERE.

2013 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Larry Little

In 2014 the documentary, WHY WE RIDE was a smash hit in the moto-community. These guys definitely captured the feeling so many of us share when asked “Why We Ride” You can learn more HERE. The film was indeed a great contribution to the sport.

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures | Encouraging All Levels of Female
2014 AMA Motorcyclists of the Year Bryan Carroll And James Walker

Learn more HERE about what led to the selection of this Motorcyclist of the Year for 2015 – it is a really interesting read!

The 2015 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Wayne Rainey

2016 Motorcyclist of the Year went to the off-road ISDE World Trophy Team of Taylor Robert, Kaliub Russel, Thad DuVall, and Layne Michael. Definitely read more HERE about their efforts and why they were chosen.

2016 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year ISDE – US World Trophy Team

2017 A California Activist made the cover – Read More HERE.

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures | Encouraging All Levels of Female
The AMA Motorcyclist of the year 2017 BOB HAM

2018 We saw an illustration of someone present and resembling someone from the past- A popular Motorcyclist of the Year – Read More HERE

The 2018 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year TRAVIS PASTRANA

2019 A women graced the cover of the magazine – what an adventure she created! Check out this MOTY story HERE.

The 2019 AMA Motorcyclists of the Year HAYLEY BELL

2020 Motorcyclist of the Year was not an individual – it was more of the handling of a crisis and the formation of a new way of continuing in the sport we love – learn more HERE.

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures | Encouraging All Levels of Female
The 2020 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Safe-to-Race Task Force

The 2021 and the inspiration at looking back at the history of the AMA Motorcyclist of the Year is a female off-road racer who made history for America on the Worlds Stage! READ ABOUT WHAT SHE ACCOMPLISHED HERE.

January 2022 AMA Magazine Cover featuring the late Wes Cooley.

It’s a shame that Brandy Richards didn’t make the cover of the AMA Magazine as in the past the Motorcyclist of the Year has always had its place of highlight each January since 2008.

However, I’m sure it must have been a difficult decision with the loss of a Hall of Famer and Icon in Superbike Racing passing away.

Brandy RichardsISDE 2021Photo by: Mary Rinell

There is simply no doubt that Brandy Richards will have her time on the cover of the AMA Magazine or alike in future editions to come. She has already made history in the sport, and this is only the beginning of her news cycle.

Cheers to Brandy Richards in raising the bar for all ISDE Athletes!

2022 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year:???