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Is the SlimCycle Legit?

One doesn’t honestly know how something works until they try it for themselves. That is why we at GirlBikeLove decided that we wanted to buy the SlimCycle and test it ourselves to give you the best information possible about the pros & cons of this popular bike. We can’t wait to share our findings!

The Order & Delivery Process

The order process was straightforward, and we quickly bought the SlimCycle from this page. After clicking on the “As Seen on TV” icon, we were prompted with two order choices. The first option included only the cycle, and the second offer also had a slimming belt, cup holder, cushioned seat, and mat for an additional $80. Finally, we selected just the cycle itself, and it took less than 10 minutes to finalize our order from start to finish. We chose FedEx as our delivery method, and within a week, the bike was delivered to my door.

Slim Cycle Assembly: Is Slim Cycle Easy to Put Together?

slim cycle in the
Before Opening the Box
slim cycle open box 1
Inside the Box
slim cycle assembly
Almost Ready!

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I found the SlimCycle incredibly easy to build on my own. The 45-pound box includes 12 different pieces to assemble in addition to the washers, screws, batteries, and tools to get the job done. I built the bike in less than an hour from start to finish, even with a few interruptions during that timeframe. The only component I had difficulty attaching was the pedals’ foot straps since they are made from thick plastic. If you wish not to assemble the bike yourself, professional assembly is available for $89.

*Note: As I tightened a couple of pieces, a sharp piece of metal also came out. I removed the parts to ensure I didn’t strip anything and couldn’t identify why this happened.

Included in the box was an easy-to-follow instruction manual with pictures accompanying step-by-step instructions. For those that are more visual learners, YouTube videos are also available that provide assembly instructions.

Included in the box were the following items:

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are three different types of exercise bikes: a spin bike, an upright cycle, and a recumbent bike.

The SlimCycle is a unique piece of exercise equipment because it converts to either an upright or recumbent exercise bike.

Katie Pierson, Spinning Instructor & Personal Trainer

SlimCycle Dimensions & Specs

Slim Cycle Overview

Our Rating Criteria

When deciding how to rate this bike, we selected our top factors for the SlimCycle that we felt would provide a clearer picture. Our rating, which we will go into a little bit later, factors in construction quality, the smoothness of the pedal stroke, resistance, App availability, adjustability, portability, and storage.

Slim Cycle Review Based on Hands-On Testing

After being a Spinning Instructor for almost 20-years, I absolutely love trying new cycles and jumped at the opportunity to test the SlimCycle with my other teammates at GirlBikeLove. I have been testing the SlimCycle for a little over a month and can’t wait to share what I learned about this bike.

Main Features of the Bike

SlimCycle Performance

We decided to rate our top six features for the SlimCycle on a scale from one to ten. One being the lowest, and ten being the highest. So let’s take a look at how this cycle stacks up.

Construction Quality: 7/10

The construction quality is relatively good for the price. However, this is not a piece of equipment that would be ideal for a very vigorous workout. This bike is designed for seated workouts only. Even pedaling in the saddle, the bike would still rock slightly.

Smoothness of Ride: 8/10

I was pleasantly surprised by the pedal stroke of the SlimCycle. The pedal stroke is exceptionally smooth for this type of cycle.

Resistance: 7/10

This bike offers eight levels of magnetic resistance. In addition, the resistance knob is easy to access, which is ideal for older riders, beginners, or riders with a limited range of movement.

Applications: 9/10

The SlimCycle comes with the opportunity to try the Echelon app free for thirty days. After the trial, this application is $14.99 per month until you cancel. Four class categories are available on this application led by knowledgeable instructors that include cycling, strength, toning, and stretch. Some of the formats in these categories are cycling, kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, meditation, barre, and Pilates. We like that the instructors are leading the cycling classes on the SlimCycle. Also, it is nice not to need any additional resistance conversion charts, so riders can easily follow the instructor’s resistance level request.

App users can select between OnDemand and live classes. Like the Peloton, this streaming service also offers a leaderboard option. Leaderboard ranking is based on pulse rate points on this platform. During live classes, participants can receive instructor shoutouts and have the opportunity to high-five other participants. The application also monitors your progress by tracking the number of workouts you have taken, the total minutes you have exercised, the total calories burned, and badges that you have earned throughout the week. This application also links with Strava, Fitbit, and Spotify.

Handlebar and Seat Adjustability: 5/10

Unfortunately, the handlebars and seat are not adjustable beyond the manufacturing preset. However, at 5’4″, I could still find a comfortable riding position.

Portability & Storage: 9/10

This bike is super easy to move with the rollers located on the front foot of the cycle. This bike also folds for easy storage.

*My main cycling bike is located downstairs, but I loved that I could easily store and pull this cycle out of the closet for a quick ride while my family and I watched a movie upstairs.

Mechanics & Parts of the Bike


slim cycle frame
Slim Cycle Frame

This foldable frame is constructed from solid steel and provides great stability when riding upright or recumbent.


Slim Cycle Monitor
Slim Cycle Monitor

The console features basic metrics such as calories, distance, pulse rate, and speed.


The handlebars include a heart rate sensor, which is helpful since this model doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Seat & Backrest

Slim Cycle Seat
Slim Cycle Seat & Backrest

Featuring 2.5 inches of cushioning, the SlimCycle’s seat offers an extremely comfortable riding experience. The backrest of this bike also features memory foam to provide maximum comfort.

Recumbent Handles

Soft foam handles gently wrap around the bottom of the seat for comfort and stability when riding in the recumbent position.


slim cycle pedals new
Slim Cycle Pedals

The non-grip pedals also offer a shoe strap to keep your foot in place. Unfortunately, only regular athletic shoes may be worn since the pedals do not provide cleat options.


A belt drive is featured on the SlimCycle, helping make the riding experience virtually silent.

Resistance Bands

Slim Cycle Elastic Bands
Slim Cycle Resistance Bands

Two resistance bands are located under the handlebars. The resistance bands also feature foam handles making them easy to grip to maximize your strength exercises.

Slim Cycle Pros and Cons

What Sets the SlimCycle Apart From its Competitors?

Slim Cycle Alternatives

Let’s take a look at three bike alternatives to the SlimCycle.

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

The XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike is an upright cycle priced at only $148.99. It offers eight levels of magnetic resistance and a 3.3-pound flywheel. The maximum weight recommendation is 225 pounds and accommodates riders between 4’10”-5’10.”

Fitnation – Flex Bike Ultra

The Fitnation-Flex Bike Ultra looks almost identical to the SlimCycle, except for a different color frame. This bike comes with a price tag of $329.99 when not on sale. The Flex Bike Ultra includes the Echelon Fit Pass that provides riders with a wide array of fitness classes, including HIIT, cycling, yoga, and strength training. This bike also features eight levels of magnetic resistance.

FitQuest Upright Flex Express

Like the SlimCycle, the FitQuest Upright Flex Express also provides the ability to convert this bike from recumbent to an upright cycle. This bike offers four weeks free to the Echelon Experience App and costs $199.99. This bike offers magnetic resistance and has a max user weight of 300 pounds. A unique feature for this bike is selecting your frame color. Frame color options include a choice of red, teal, black, royal, or purple.

Slim Cycle Support / Customer Service

I was impressed with the speed of the SlimCycle Customer Service team in answering a question I had about where to find the free app that is advertised. I had a response within 24 hours of sending my inquiry. However, I did have to make a second call since the information I was initially provided was not exactly correct.

Conclusion: Is the Slim Cycle Legit?

This bike is advertised as a strength and cardio fitness cycle, and the BulbHead’s SlimCycle delivers on those claims and is also highly affordable. However, we believe that the key customer will be budget-conscious. Therefore, this product perhaps is best suited for those just beginning to work out again instead of someone looking for a commercial-grade, high-performing piece of exercise equipment. Nevertheless, there is definitely a market for this type of exercise bike, and that’s the Slimcycle was rated as one of our best recumbent bikes with resistance bands.

slim cycle working with resistance bands