Best tubeless road tyres 2023: Faster, more comfortable and less

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Video Tubeless bike tires

The best tubeless road tyres are rapidly gaining traction as the best option for road riders.

In the past, tubeless road bike tyres had a dubious reputation for awkward set-up and low reliability, but tyre makers have put a lot of effort into improving manufacturing precision, lowering weight and improving the ease of set-up for the best tubeless road bike tyres. They’ve also put their latest tech into their tubeless tyres, so you can expect a quality ride, durability and, above all, puncture protection.

There are less tangible benefits too: tubeless tyres are also usually more comfortable and faster than even the best road bike tyres run with inner tubes. There’s a reason why even the conservative pros have converted from racing on tubular tyres to riding tubeless clinchers over the last few years.

The best tubeless road tyres come in a range of different specs, designed for everything from time trial use to four-season riding, making them some of the best winter road bike tyres. You can even use some for light mixed-surface rides, if you don’t want to fit a gravel tyre.

Here at Cyclingnews, we’ve used tubeless road tyres for years, testing to see which are the fastest, the most durable, the easiest to fit, the longest lasting and more. We’ve covered a range of use cases among our tubeless road tyre recommendations below, but if you’re looking for more advice, head further down the page for our buyer’s guide on how to choose the best tubeless road tyres for you.

Best tubeless road tyres available today

(Image credit: Peter Stuart)

Continental’s GP5000S TR is a superb road tyre that’s now well established as our benchmark ultra-high-performance choice. It’s obviously super-fast, with a joyously lively feel that handles all situations from fresh tarmac to ancient acne backroads with effort-shrinking ease. It’s grippy in all conditions, richly communicative and works with hookless rims at low pressures.

You are paying a high price for all these superlatives though and if you can get your local shop to fit them, you’ll be saving yourself a fight.

Continental has expanded its tubeless-ready GP5000 tyre range too, with the GP5000 AS TR offering four-season reliability, with thicker tread and sidewalls and a reformulated rubber compound to increase wet/cold weather grip. There’s also the GP5000 TT TR, which is designed for time trial use and weighs a claimed 220g, but still incorporates a Vectran breaker for puncture protection. Reviews incoming.

Read how the S TR tyres earned a top score in our Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR road tyre review.

(Image credit: Specialized)

The S-Works Turbo RapidAir 2BR is the tubeless-ready race tyre from Specialized, whose Turbo Cotton clincher is immensely popular. The newer variant, shown here, only comes in 26c, and it’s one of the lighter tyres in this list, with the 26c tipping our scales at just 230 grams. The slightly heavier S-Works Turbo 2BR, which is still a great tubeless tyre, is available in three sizes (26c, 28c or 30c) with the 26c weighing 260g.

Despite this, in our testing, the levels of puncture protection have been impeccable. However, the one downside to the minimalist construction is that the tyre will wear down faster than others. They’re not the cheapest, but at £65 / $90, there are certainly more expensive options on this list.

Nonetheless, if you’re after a balance of race-ready speed and grip in all conditions, the Turbo RapidAir is the tyre for you.

Want to know more? Check out our Specialized S-Works Turbo RapidAir review.

(Image credit: Josh Croxton)

The current version of the popular Schwalbe Pro One tubeless road tyre comes with Schwalbe’s latest Addix compound and Souplesse casing that promise decreased rolling resistance and increased comfort over the previous version.

When translated onto the road, that makes for a tyre that rolls well, offers good levels of puncture protection and impressive levels of grip, resulting in a great all-around road tyre. It’s not the fastest-feeling tyre on this list, but it is a decent weight and was durable beyond our expectations.

What’s more, the tubeless setup was a breeze, which is less common than we’d like, even today. Read our detailed review of the Schwalbe Pro One TLE tyres to see how they earned their spot in this guide.

(Image credit: Pirelli)

The Pirelli Cinturato was the first tyre to use a wrap-around, radial structure. Originally designed for Pirelli’s motorsports use, it’s the design that almost all modern tyres are based on.

So Pirelli knows a thing or two about making tyres, and it shows with the Cinturato Velo TLR. Designed specifically as a puncture-proof road tyre, it has a compound designed for high mileage, an aramid breaker strip beneath the tread and a bead-to-bead puncture protection layer.

It’s available in sizes ranging from 26mm to 35mm widths, and despite being designed with a greater focus on grip, durability and puncture protection in mind, it still manages to be reasonably competitive on weight.

In our Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR review, Guy Kesteven admitted that there was some trade-off in terms of rolling speed compared to the fastest 28mm all-rounders in back-to-back test rides, but it’s still faster than the Continental Gatorskin, which is another popular super-puncture-proof tyre, and it doesn’t feel as wooden and numb either.

Overall, they are well priced, given their premium performance, especially with their increased lifespan as a result of their durability.

(Image credit: Colin Levitch)

The easy tubeless setup sets these tyres apart. Thanks to the cleverly designed dual-angle bead, the Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres pop over the bead easily and quickly form a tight seal against the rim bed. They seated onto these old Mavic rims with little more than a mediocre track pump.

What’s more, once set up, the ratio of performance to price has been excellent. They’re not the fastest rolling tyres out there, but their grip, supple ride feel and durability has been impressive, and we’re yet to notice a single puncture, even one that has self-sealed.

For more details on how the Goodyear Eagle F1 performed during testing, read our full review.

(Image credit: Courtesy)

The Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR is designed with one goal in mind, speed. It is generally regarded as one of the fastest tyres in the world, and you can see that when bicycle rolling resistance tested the performance (opens in new tab), they agreed. To say it simply, if you want to go as fast as possible, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch however and the trade-off for all this speed is puncture durability, or more accurately, lack thereof. With Vittoria’s thinnest and lightest casing, and only an ultra-lightweight puncture protection belt, it’s designed as a race-day-only tyre, and is probably best reserved for time trials.

Vittoria does offer its Corsa tyre range in two other variants with incremental increases in puncture protection. The Corsa Control TLR is the sturdiest and grippiest, but heaviest and slowest of the three, while the Corsa TLR strikes a balance between.

There’s also a Corsa Pro tyre in the works. Although this has not yet been launched, we’ve spotted it under the pros of Jumbo-Visma and EF Education-Easypost early in 2023.

Being tubeless, you do of course get extra protection against small punctures, but the tread nevertheless wears out at a fast rate, so don’t expect miracles. Look after it though, and you’ll be setting personal records in no time.

The Rubino represents the middle ground of Vittoria’s tyre collection, doubling up as training and all-weather racing option. The five-prong line-up offers tyres of varying functionality and weight class – a standard Rubino weighs in at a portly 335g while the race-focussed Rubino Pro Speed just 200g (25mm).

Graphene 2.0 features throughout the model line-up, a compound claimed to add life and improved levels of performance to the mix. The Rubino offers impressive levels of grip and puncture protection, the trade-off of which is straight-line speed.

(Image credit: Enve)

There are marginal gains to be had by making sure even your tyres are aero-optimised, with Enve claiming that the SES tyre will add roughly one watt of aero advantage over competing tyres. The concept is truly for those looking for every bit of optimisation possible but that’s not the only advantage. In the same way that it makes sense to grab one of the best aero helmets because these are great helmets that happen to be aero, the Enve SES tyres are great tyres too.

Enve understands that a fast tyre has to be an all-around tyre and it’s that useability that the design team narrowed in on. The tyres are light for their size but not the lightest out there. Instead, they’ve included a Vectran Protection Barrier because no tyre is fast when it’s flat. There are also wide sizes available that allow you to tailor the ride feel in a way that makes sense to you. These tyres are fast but not to the point that they become a race-day-only option.

What you need to know about tubeless road tyres

When deciding which tubeless tyres to get for your road bike, first consider whether or not you actually need (and want) tubeless tyres. There are numerous benefits to going tubeless, but even the best tubeless road tyres come with a few negatives that you need to be aware of.