Fun Facts About The Whistler Bike Park

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Whistler Bike Park is a paradise for mountain bikers from around the world.. Here are nine amazing facts about one of the best parks in the world.

70 Marked Trails

Whistler Mountain Bike Park has up to 70 marked trails. The trails span over 80 kilometers and 4,900 vertical feet. The park has four zones, namely Fitzsimmons Zone, Garbanzo Zone, Peak Zone, and Creek Zone. Each zone features trails for different riding abilities and stunning views.

Trails Are Classified

To make trails easily identifiable, they are classified using different colors. Green trails are suitable for beginners and blue trails are for intermediate riders. The black trails are for advanced riders, while double black trails are suitable for experts and red trails are marked for professionals. Whether you have never ridden a mountain bike before or you are an advanced rider with years of experience under your belt, there is a trail for you at Whistler Bike Park.

100,000 Bikers

Whistler receives an estimated two million overnight and non-overnight visitors each year. It is not only a winter super sports destination but also a popular spot for extreme sports in the summer. In particular, downhill biking is a sport that’s loved by adults and kids alike. The Whistler Mountain Park specifically attracts an average of 100,000 bikers each summer. You can expect a well-balanced mix of people.

Biggest Mountain Biking Festival

Take the biggest mountain biking festival and combine it with the best mountain biking park in the world, do we need to say more? The Whistler Mountain Bike Park has celebrated Crankworx since 2004. And if you’re lucky, you might just witness some mountain-biking legends.

While it was cancelled due to COVID in 2020 and 2021, it is scheduled to return in 2022.

Hosts Exclusive Events

The well-known mountain park hosts several events, which attract hundreds of participants. One of the most popular events is Women’s Nights with Liv, which is held every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:30. The park also conducts Men’s Night, Summer Gravity Camps, and Phat Wednesday.

4,926+ Vertical Feet of Lift Service

Traveling to The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is an experience in itself. Since the elevation is so high, visitors have to take the Fitzsimmons and Garbanzo quad chairlifts, the Whistler Village Gondola, or Creekside Gondola to access different trails.

Home To Biking Enthusiasts

It’s not just the gravity-fed trails and magnificent views that make the Whistler Mountain Bike Parks one of the best in the world. Whistler is also enriched with a deep biking culture. In fact, the average rider that lives here is likely to be better than 90% of riders from other bike parks.

Perfect Berms

A perfect berm can leave you with even more speed than what you started with. And the Whistler Mountain Bike Park has plenty of them. And by plenty we mean you can find them everywhere. They are huge and often feature jumps around the corner.

So. Many. Jumps

There are no clear stats on how many jumps there are in the park. But let’s just say, there are more than enough to satiate every adrenaline junkie.